My Mother #7

Diwali (festival of light)


It’s diwali…. We are not from the religion who celebrate diwali but we join our neighborhood friends in this celebration…. We share sweets and firecrackers on diwali….

As you all know that on those days people have dozens of children in each family so obviously my friends also facing the same problem like us, I mean there resources are also limited…. They can’t share there firecrackers much…..

But kids love to play with firecrackers. My father can’t spend money in this kind of stuffs than spending on kids food….

My mischievous young brothers can’t stop himself being tempted towards the firecrackers… There this happened….

So, my younger brother collected all the firecrackers which was used… He took a piece of paper and started to fetch the remaining flash power from the used crackers….

His hands are fully covered with the flash powder he doesn’t know how dangerous it is….

Flash powder

He collected all the flash powder and now he is ready to light it…

He just forgot to wash his hands before he light the match stick… he was in a peak of excitement….

When he light the matchstick the fire caught his palms and he was screaming in pain….

I was helping my mom in house hold chores…. As soon as I heared the scream I was running towards him…. When I reached what I saw?… My brother’s arms are burning… I just took water and pour on his hands..

Burnt hands

Its was a sad diwali….. It’s Better if we teach our kids to handle firecrackers safely because we can’t be everywhere with them …

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I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

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