My mother #6

Visiting relatives ends up with embarrassment…..

Visiting relatives

This young girl’s family was a big one for any of her relatives to invite for dinner, because on those days salary is not enough to spend on your relatives for parties…

Thankfully nowadays we are lucky to enjoy parties with pocket full of incentive, credit for our hardworks….

One day her aunty who was a sister of her mother invited them for some family get-together…

The day came….

All the kids are so excited and happy to have variety food after a long time.

The exotic smell from the food tickling the bellies of this kids…

In the mean while there were garlands distributed over young girl’s and her aunty was distributing it… Here in my nation people decorat there hair with flowers…

There were few garlands left, so many kids are there, you can imagine that on those days in one family you get to see 10 kids means, on a family get-together how many of them…😁😁

Random pic from net..

So any of her sisters or even she didn’t got the garland. Her aunty was so mean that she ignored this kids and kept her priority on other kids… This is because of a silly reason that her aunty don’t like this girl’s father🙄… So mean isn’t it…. All the other kids who got the flowers are so happy and some kids came and tease them for there bad luck…. This girl’s younger sister was so upset and crying…

This girl got even more upset watching her sister crying… She though that “if aunty can’t afford garlands for all then why she bought few and hurt the other kids, I don’t like her”.

On anger and embarrassment, she took her siblings with her and return home without informing anyone there.. she was hungry and left the amazing feast for her siblings…

This dad’s responsible girl taught her siblings that “even if we are poor you should never give up on your self respect”….

She was so young to handle this kind of embarassing situations…

But she is a good elder sister…. Who cares and love’s hers brothers and sisters…

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