Happy birthday son

It’s my son’s birthday today

He is so excited….

Collecting gifts and wishes makes him so happy… He love to be in spot light always….

All this year’s I’m trying to make him comfortable, confident and successful but in some places i failed… I wanna say sorry for all the sufferings caused by me…

Sufferings in the sense, I was so young and new to motherhood. I use to get irritated with him and some times I slapt him I was rude to him, I showed my all my anger about other people on my innocent son…

I regret the moments which made my son feel scared of me….

I still cry sometimes when I use to remember those regretfully moments.. it makes me feel guilty…

I love my son to the moon and back…

Love from mother to son

I hope he know this and mean this…

What ever he is, it may be good or bad all he learnt from me…

I learnt a lot from him as a mother…

I’m still learning from him….

Published by Rizy

I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday son

  1. A mother’s slap too is filled with love Rizy. Happy birthday and lots of love to you both.

    Please don’t dwell on the negatives of the past. They rob us of our happiness today

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