My mother #5

Me my siblings and poverty

Now this girl is the eldest sister of nine siblings… She has four sisters and five brothers…

Dad is a simple public servent, as you all know in my nation public servents earn less salary.

One man earns and trying to feed his kids and wife and he has to fulfil all the basic needs too…

This young girl who is super responsible and her dad’s little angel act in a wonderful way to handle her siblings through poverty…

Most of the time there would be only limited porridge and nothing else to eat… Her little adorable siblings are bored of eating same thing again and again.

Leftover rice

One day all kids gathered for lunch now again she came with a pot full of porridge. All tiny little kids happily having there lunch whereas two of her brothers were very upset and not ready to eat porridge any more…

She was thinking for a plan to make them eat. She can’t see any of her brothers or sisters starve..

She took some porridge in a bowl and she was says ” wow! It tastes awesome today who ever is not having this porridge today is not meant to be lucky enough”.

Indian porridge

She keep on saying and praising about the porridge. It taste like this, its taste like that.

Now her brothers who were not ready to eat this, is now listening to her and feeling tempted to taste the porridge.

They came to her asking for a bowl of porridge. She said “ho! Poor brothers you were rejected the porridge, so I distributed it to the little ones”. Now these boys got angry and had an argument with her elder sister…

She acted like the porridge is over. These two boys got sad and went and sat in a corner… She now took there share of porridge and went to them. She placed a bowl full of porridge in front of them..

These boys got super excited to taste the porridge and very happy that there sister not kept them starve.. They tasted the porridge and felt so tasty , but in real it was a porridge which tastes as same as all other days, new thing here is starvation makes the porridge more tasty😋..

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I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

2 thoughts on “My mother #5

  1. I can well imagine the life with one government job and nine children Rizy. My father too was in a government job and we were six of us. Whole of life is cyclic. Nothing lasts …

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