It was a great day yesterday….

It was my birthday

It was a magical day….

It started like this, my best friend wished me exactly at 12….

Then the wishes started to pour like a rain in to my inbox….

My husband and kids arranged a cake to cut at midnight…. My son was the one who filled my face with cake cream…. We took funny pictures with a cake cream on our faces….

My lovely husband presented me a lovely dress and earpods …

My lovely son who is just 13 bought a hair dryer for me from his piggy bank savings….

My daughter who is just 6 made a drawing with her tiny hands very secretly and hid it from me until midnight….

My daughter’s gift

Then my husband took us to a nice mall for dinner and we had a great fun there after all that happened he surprised me with movie tickets…

It was amazing watching s movie after a year because of pandemic situation… The theatre was just occupied by nearly 15 people so it was safe and clean…..

So it was a great blessed day…..

I have one and only wish in my life it’s that…. I wanna live a peaceful life. Money can’t buy happiness or peace, but blessings do so I need more and more blessings as my gift from the all who read this….😊😊

Published by Rizy

I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

8 thoughts on “It was a great day yesterday….

  1. Wow what an amazing day Rizy. Beautiful painting by Suhaana 😍 May God bless you all always.
    Yes money can’t buy happiness. That is the key message of my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life 😊

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  2. You have so a nice family. The drawing makes me smile..tears coming out of my eyes. Your daughter has a pure heart. Stay together, support each other when they need you. Take care.πŸ’πŸ’β€


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