Women’s body a laboratory

Women’s body a laboratory

I wonder that when a male and female have sex it may be a human or animal or bird. The male ejaculate semen into a female’s body and then the male has nothing to do about it, that’s it for him and he start his day in a normal way..

whereas in a female’s case she Carries a strange DNA into her body which is mixing up with her DNA and trying to produce a new DNA. Her body is working like a laboratory….

In this process of chemical reactions into her body and mind she feel so many things happening into her body she can’t explain things to anyone. she undergoes so much, mentally and physically….

This chemical reactions happening into her is the key for a love and affection she have towards her husband and kids. Husband’s most often feels like there wife’s as a crazy women….

But in this case there is nothing happening in a male’s body that’s why a male is less affectionate towards his family….

Before you have sex with a girl, keep this in mind that the chemical reactions, she is going to have make her crazy towards you..

Respect a women who sacrifices her body to react for your thing into her.

Respect the sufferings she takes for you. Try to be patient with a female. Try to be kind…

Published by Rizy

I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

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