My mother #2

My sister

After one year of cherishing the first baby place she got a male sibling..

She was a little happy but so much sad because her mom is spending much time with this new baby…

But she is always a princess to her father….

It’s was late 60’s. so, on those days people are not aware about birth control.

On this point this cute little princess get a new sibling every year…

Now she has three brothers… Her mother is expecting a baby again…

Now this little princess got upset and went to her mother and request her for a girl baby, her mother said “ho! My little angel pray to god he is the one who send you siblings”.

Now everyday this girl pray to god for a baby girl… Finally the day comes and she was eagerly waiting for a baby girl to see…

All her prayers are answered by God and now she finally got a girl sibling and she was flying high in joy….

She touched her with a lot of excitement. When she touched the babies tiny little soft fingers the baby hold her finger tightly, now the excitement got double she loved her more….

Published by Rizy

I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

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