#foodblog Long red scarlet radish dessert (gajar ka halwa)

On this special day of my brother’s birthday… I made a long red scarlet radish dessert (gajar ka halwa)…. I would like to share this recipe with you all….

Long red scarlet radish dessert (gajar ka halwa)

I bought 1 kg of long red scarlet radish, I washed and grated it then I took a pan obviously after lighting the gas stove, I place the pan on the stove after it got heat up lightly I pour some clarified butter(ghee) approx 100ml in the pan then I put the grated red radish into the pan and mixed it well till it get mixed with the clarified butter.. then after a while I took a pinch of cardamom powder and sprinkle on this red radish mixture for a pleasent smell then after a while I added some sugar like half cup because red radish is already a sweet vegitable it doesn’t need more sugar to sweeten it. So now I added some milk, like one cup and mixed all ingredients very well. Now I simmer the stove to made it cook well after 10 or 15 minutes I felt that the poor red radish has no more moisture in it, its now only the clarified butter and the red radish mingled to give us a great dessert, I poured few more clarified butter on it because I like it,it’s my way of cooking…. I decorated it just with some nuts which was fried in a spoon of clarified butter. That’s it people try it to night for a great and simple dessert…

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