I’m a secret blogger

The men in my family not feel happy or proud about any women who is brave or intelligent or talented.

if I say “see I wrote this poem” the men’s reaction in my family will be like ho is it, you might be stolen it from internet.

I’m not very well in English…. In 2005 I did my B.sc.com. then I got happily married and proudly a mother of two kids…

I was a good poet and an essay writter, when I was in my school and college…

After college I got married then busy with kids, now my kids are grown enought, so I get some time to spend for myself to explore…

I was searching for a secret platform to put my thoughts so that no any of my family people know about it….

I luckily got WordPress I’m so happy to write my thoughts with all freedom….

Tnx for reading….

Published by Rizy

I'm a homemaker mother of two came here to explore myself

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